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Driving Lessons in Killarney

Kerry School of Driving is an ADI approved training school in Killarney with years of experience. We have successfully helped hundreds of first-time learners in passing the driving test.

We provide a calm and safe learning environment where you can learn to drive with confidence. We teach you the proven techniques to become a safe, confident and proactive driver.

David & Paudie Clifford
David & Paudie Clifford

The Best Driving Lessons in Killarney

When it comes to learning to drive for the first time, fear and nervousness can do a lot of damage. Fear of driving is common, but it’s something you can overcome.

At Kerry School of Driving, we understand the importance of providing a calm and stress-free environment for our students.

Our ADI approved instructors are not just qualified at teaching you the technical skills but they are friendly and polite too. Driving instruction is all about listening, asking the right questions and responding to the needs of the students.

Our instructors, Frank Dold and Eric Wharton, are passionate about what they do and are committed to ensuring you derive the most value from your driving lessons.

Special Pre-Test Course to Help Improve Your Confidence

When it comes to learning to drive, it’s all getting the technique right. When you practice without the presence of a professional driving instructor, you are bound to develop bad habits. Most people who fail the driving tests fail because they haven’t prepared enough.

Driving safely isn’t about perfection. It’s about getting your technique right. That’s why we focus on fixing the areas of your driving skills that need work. This ensures rapid progress while ensuring you transform into a safe driver.

At Kerry School of Driving, we provide a special pre-test course to help improve your chances of passing your test. With a 90% pass-rate in first-time driving tests, we ensure you make the most of your EDT lessons.

During this Pre-Test course, we will stimulate the test for you to practice the manoeuvres with reasonable skill while our instructors help you to drop all bad habits that you may have developed.

This way, you would be completely prepared for your driving test and improve your chances of passing it.

Finding it hard to do a U-turn? Perhaps you haven’t mastered the skill of parallel parking yet? No matter what you are having difficulty with, our instructors will help you to master the skill.

Why Choose Kerry School of Driving

  • We are fully accredited and insured.
  • With a 90% pass-rate, we are a leading driving school in Killarney.
  • Our cars are dual-controlled, fully insured and taxed.
  • Driving instructions provided by ADI-accredited instructors.
  • Flexible lesson timings to suit your hectic schedule.
  • All driving lessons are customised to suit your individual requirements.
  • Learn manual or automatic, whatever suits you. You can even switch your preferences when you like.
  • Our instructors are well-versed with the test routes in Killarney.

As a first-time learner, you may have a lot of questions, doubts and concerns. You might be nervous and scared too. But don’t let that stop you from becoming an expert driver. We will work with you at every step of the way to transform you into a skilled, road-safe driver.

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