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Automatic Driving Lessons Killarney & Tralee

Here at Kerry School of Driving, we offer the best automatic driving lessons in Killarney and Tralee. If you dread the complexity of shifting manual gears, automatic is the way to go.

Our fully qualified driving instructors will ensure you are equipped with all the skills you need to pass the automatic driving test.

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David & Paudie Clifford
David & Paudie Clifford

Friendly and Safe Environment

We will show you step by step how to drive in a safe, friendly environment. You won’t be
under any pressure to drive on the road until you are ready. We will help you learn at a pace
that you are comfortable with.

You will feel comfortable and at ease right from day 1 and you will find that our trainers to
be extremely patient, so you can relax whilst having a sense of fun.

Tralee & Killarney

You will receive top-notch automatic driving lessons in Tralee on every aspect of the driving test including turnabout, parking, reversing around corners, hand signals and hill start.

Each lesson is structured such that you develop your driving skills whilst learning new skills every time. We offer easy to understand talk-through, techniques and demonstration without any jarg`on.

Experienced Trainers

Our driving instructors, Eric Wharton and Ed Fitzmartin are fully qualified instructors and have many years of experience in providing automatic driving lessons across Killarney and Tralee.

Over the years, they have provided automatic driving lessons to hundreds of students and boast a 90% success rate in first-time driving tests.

Their experience and expertise are only matched by their passion for teaching and attention to detail that allows you to learn everything you need to drive your automatic car with confidence.

#1 rated in Killarney and Tralee

We are rated the #1 driving school in Killarney and our prices are the most competitive.

What’s more, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which means we offer a full refund if you’re happy with the first session.

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