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  • If you’re based in Listowel or the region around it, Kerry Driving School will provide you with the driving lessons you require to pass your test.
  • Driving instructors Eric Wharton and Ed Fitzmartin have the full approval of the Road Safety Authority, as Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). They offer you the professionalism and expertness of Ireland’s top driving school – the Irish School of Motoring (ISM).
  • For those undertaking their first driving test, Kerry Driving School’s pass rate is 90%.
  • They offer you relaxed and friendly yet meticulous driving lessons that will answer your precise requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you have some driving experience or are an uncertain beginner.
  • You’ll have to look hard and long to find expert driving tuition at more affordable better rates. Just take a glance at our Pricing page.
  • Eric or Frank will pick you up wherever you are in Listowel or its surrounds. You can drive in your own car – or your jeep plus trailer, or truck. Or you can opt to drive in one of the driving school’s own dual-control vehicles.
  • Kerry Driving School has full insurance cover for all those undertaking driving lessons with it.


Guided driving practice

With driving, practice does not make perfect, since you may develop bad habits. What you need is practice with the guidance of a professional driving instructor.

People generally fail the driving test because they have not prepared adequately. That’s why we offer a special Pre-Test Course to maximise your chances.

We offer short Pre-Test Course driving lessons, in which Eric or Frank simulates the test. You will be able to practice the manoeuvres that you have to carry out with reasonable skill, while Eric or Frank will also encourage you to drop any poor habits you have developed. This means you will be able to face the driving test itself with much greater assurance.


If you find it hard to carry out a U-turn or parallel parking, or other difficult manoeuvres, your instructor will practise it with you until you can accomplish it with impressive skill.


The instructors will also seek to help you get rid of any nervousness or anxiety while you’re driving.
Before long, you’ll be driving confidently along the streets of Listowel as well as on rural roads.


90% pass rate

Our driving instructors provide top rated driving lessons to people in towns across all of Kerry. Call us today and one of our staff will be glad to help.

  • 90% success rate in first-time driving tests
  • Free local pick-up
  • Great offers for new learner drivers
  • Driving lessons in car, truck or jeep and trailer
  • Great prices and great value



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